College Classroom Management Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Classroom Management System

Classroom Management Software aids in production of a favourable atmosphere to connect students with academics by serving as an effective learning management system in classroom, motivating students and improving their behaviour and performance.

Classroom Management Systems are generally designed for kindergarten, preschools, elementary and high schools, colleges to allow the administration remain in total control of the classroom, supervise students and improve student-teacher communication. Thus, enhance collaborative learning.

EduSys Classroom Management Software

EduSys Online Cloud-based Classroom Management Module empowers college and university administration with encompassing take at how students are performing and behaving in the class. It works closely with institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS), giving faculty and guardians more profound bits of knowledge into students’ conduct and advancements.

What are Benefits of Classroom Management Software?

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys Classroom Management System are:

  1. Monitor Classroom Activities
  2. Enhance Student-Teacher Collaboration
  3. Classroom Computer Management System: Monitor student’s activity on school devices
  4. Attendance Management
  5. Student Management
  6. Timetable Management
  7. Classroom Library Management
  8. Manage labs, class projects and networks
  9. Allow parents to view the student’s records, announcements, schedules, calendar, and more
  10. Create multiple choice Q&A, polls, quizzes, assignments and share results instantly
  11. Conduct customized tests and evaluate the tests in real time
  12. Real time web based interaction between students and faculty
  13. Manage course materials of classes

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