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Admissions Management System

The online Admissions Management Software automates the whole admissions and enrolments process impossibly simple and quick. With too many applicants, managing students’ admission related procedures is very essential and critical in educational institutions such as school, college and university.

The purpose of college/ university admission management system is to offer help to the administration by giving a quicker, straightforward and simple methods for registering students, documenting records, tracking applications, assigning courses to students and more.

The online admission software module make it easy for the candidates to request enrolment enquiries, top off enlistment structure, transfer records, make online instalment payments and furthermore track and download the status of the application whenever for free. Additionally, the modules in the system streamlines all the admission procedures by providing essential tools to the institutes to pull in and speak with potential candidates, with help of the CRM software.

What are the features of Admissions Management System?

The features of Admissions Management System are:

  1. Entire Admission procedure from fees collection and generation of receipt.
  2. Fees structure add and edit.
  3. Fees structure print in dot matrix printer.
  4. Collection of all types fees e.g. Hostel fees/ Examination fees/ Registration
  5. Fees/ Duplicate Identity card fees etc., with generation of receipts.
  6. Fees collection report (by fees type/ by course/ by stream/ monthly/ daily).
  7. Payment receipt to be in order.
  8. Free admission (Generation of receipt with Zero (0) amount.
  9. Generation of statement of Free admitted students.
  10. Viewing of students’ payment history.
  11. Statement of fees defaulter students.
  12. Generation of student’s admission register, fees collection register.
  13. Filter for caste, religion, nationality, board, gender, mother tongue, subject
    Stream(major/ general), >course etc.
  14. Generation of Identity Card, hostel card.
  15. Generation of Admit Card, Registration card and Mark—sheet for final Year
  16. Export of data in MS Excel sheet.

What are the benefits of Admissions Management System?

The Benefits and Advantages of College Admissions/ Enrolment Management software are:

  1. Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data
  2. Easy-To-Use: Requires no prior training
  3. Reduced Man-Labour
  4. Highly Secure and Reliable
  5. Paperless: Eliminates paper admission procedures
  6. Easy Course Registration: Register entrants to opted courses and departments
  7. Enquiry Management: Enhance Communication
  8. Fee Payment: Simple and Sophisticated payment gateways
  9. Student Self Registration: Candidates can apply, add and drop out from desired open and department courses
  10. Fee Structure & Estimation: Automatically calculate tuition and registration fees and view mandatory fees payments
  11. Application Tracking: Students can monitor the status of their admission

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