Student Biometric Attendance System Software

Track Attendance with Biometric Fingerprint Machine, RFID, Mobile App, Excel

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System

Bio-metric System holds people's one of a kind personality to perform wanted tasks. The character could be a man's unique finger impression, iris, voice or all consolidated, contingent on the dimension of privacy that must be related at the organization. With accessibility of this tech promptly, a littlest of the littlest organization can screen candidate’s attendance using Biometric Fingerprint Attendance software.

The most widely recognized type of bio-metric framework is fingerprint, where candidates need to punch in and out their fingerprints while entering and leaving the organization. This idea, can be used as for attendance and is generally being utilized in college/ university educational institutions to stamp attendance of staff, workers and also students.

EduSys Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software enables college and university educational organizations to take care of the demand of sending SMS/Email alerts to parents/ guardians about regularity of their wards, track attendance of staff, limit students access to labs and other sensitive services, and many more.

Along these lines, EduSys is the best attendance management system that gives an exceptional answer for the establishments by enabling students and staff to centre around learning, academics and knowledge.

What are the benefits of Biometric Attendance Software?

The Benefits and Advantages of EduSys Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Software are:

  1. Avoid tracking attendance on Excel sheets
  2. Precisely screen student’s attendance to counteract proxy attendance and errors
  3. Less tedious, easy-to-use, hard to adulterate and requires no training
  4. Assemble monthly attendance of candidates into Excel sheet with a single click
  5. RFID Card attendance facility
  6. Monitor students regularity to classes
  7. Real-time attendance tracking
  8. Low-cost and highly efficient
  9. No risk of data manipulation
  10. Teachers can easily register students attendance on mobile phones, tablets and computers
  11. SMS/Email alerts

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