Student Database Management Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Student Database Management System

In any organisation with a lot of information need to oversee in a way which diminishes repetition and duplication. Student Database Management System gives an easy to understand answer for oversee information proficiently on a few ticks. The application is essentially intended for gathering and maintain students’ data securely.

What is Student Database Management Software?

Student database management system give abilities to enrolling students in courses; reporting evaluating, transcripts, results of student tests and other appraisal scores; building candidate plans; monitoring attendance; and overseeing numerous other student related information needs in a school.

EduSys Student Database Management System is a simple-to-operate Online Web-based application designed to help college/ university educational institutions to maintain and manage records and data of students.

What are Features of Student Database Management System?

The features and advantages of using EduSys Student Database Management System are:

  1. Campus Recruitment/ Placement
  2. Admission Management
  3. Account Management
  4. Profile Management
  5. Transport Management
  6. Attendance Management
  7. Examination Management
  8. Hostel Management
  9. Library management
  10. Easy-to-use: Can be operated on desktop, tablets and smartphones
  11. Fee Management
  12. Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data
  13. Highly secure and reliable
  14. Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving

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