College Library Management Software

Ideal for Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Diploma, etc., Colleges

Library Management System

EduSys College Library Management Module is your college’s efficient library organizer. The application is designed keeping all the essential and trivial details in mind, to help govern a library. The applications aids students and faculty to effortlessly unearth and oversee materials like Magazine, daily paper, course readings, digital copies of books (eBooks), lesson plans and so on. The module assists with cataloging all the books by providing a user-friendly experience and give authority to compute fines on defaulters while keep up the historical backdrop of transactions. Limitations of this application are not definite and can be customized according to administrations convenience.

What are Benefits of College Library Management?

The Benefits and Advantages of Library Management System are:

  1. Manage/organize/collocate library books
  2. View/Edit/Delete/Add books
  3. Explore/survey available books
  4. Reserve books by ransacking through book catalogue
  5. Limit distribution of library items to desired users
  6. Generate unique bar code for every Library Item within Coda Bar Standards
  7. Keep track of issued books, books-to-be-returned and returned books while imposing fines for the defaulters
  8. Notify defaults about delay/overdue in books-returns using contact details
  9. Generate receipts or challans to defaulters for damages or late-returns on borrowed items
  10. Immediate updates on available and borrowed books without any errors
  11. Labor-saving data management: Since the data is managed using online Cloud, all the information can be accessed securely without a fear of losing it
  12. Highly secure, reliable and efficient; helps Librarian in systemizing items

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