Pre-k & Home School Transcript Management System

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Home School Transcript Management System

EduSys Pre-K & Home School Transcript Management Software is designed to combine innovation in technology with the developing requests inside the educational institutions like Preschools, Pre-K, Day-care and Childcare centres. This platform enables effective management of transcripts/ certificates. Digitize and convert paper-based students’ records to electronic format.

Design exceptionally adjustable layouts in numerous configurations as indicated according to institution's requirements and make transcript process electronic, quicker and simpler with Unified EduSys Transcript Management System. Fabricate dynamic transcripts/ Certificates with an expert look and customize them to the extraordinary needs. EduSys’s custom transcripts enable management to pick and place logo, hues, and design tweaked image and data while generating documents.

Features of Pre-K & Home School Transcript Management System

  1. Automate processing of transcripts/ certificates
  2. Generate customized transcript/certificate templates
  3. Transcript Requests: Enables parents to request transcripts online and make payments using a Secured Payment Gateway
  4. Centralised Electronic Transcripts
  5. Predesigned editable templates
  6. Time-Saving and User-Friendly: Management efforts can be minimised for processing Transcripts / certificates
  7. Cost-Efficient and Reduces Man-labour
  8. Highly Secure and Reliable
Pre-k & Home School Transcript Management System

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