Childcare & Pre-K School Account & Billing System

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

School Account & Billing System

EduSys Childcare & Pre-K School Accounting and Billing Software is computerized accounting program designed to empower preschool, day-care and Pre-K institutions to automate their institution’s accounts department. A wide range of transactions, bills, balance sheets, budgets, etc., can be followed and maintained by utilizing this software and it automatically reflects in account records.

EduSys Unified School Accounting and Billing System is cloud-based online application exclusively programmed to improve short-and-whole institution's activities by streamlining invoicing and billing system. This wipes out mistakes in accounts, constrains record-keeping redundancy, ensures consistency with obligation and records control; helping preschools, day-care centres, and Pre-K schools oversee spending plans and offering versatility and expandability to oblige change and advancement.

Features of EduSys Childcare & Pre-K School Account & Billing System

  1. Student Fee Management
  2. Staff Payroll Management
  3. Manage Institution’s Petty Expenses
  4. Tax Management/ Electronic Tax Filings: Enumerate Payable and Paid Taxes
  5. Computerised Invoices: Calculate, generate and print bills and fee receipts
  6. Automation: Eliminate errors in manual calculations
  7. Record and manage expenses and income in journal entry
  8. Track transactions of due /paid fees of student
  9. Secure and automate payment processes while collecting fees
  10. Time-Saving and Easy-to-use
  11. Organize Ledgers, Balance Sheets, Profit/Loss Statements
  12. Cost-Efficient: Eliminates extensive manual labour
  13. Schedule fees and notify fee reminders for pending and outstanding payments
  14. Easily track history of registration fees, Fee charges, family discounts and payments received, etc.
  15. Integrate-able with systems, such as online banking and e-filing
Childcare & Pre-K School Account & Billing System

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