Preschool Inventory Management

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Inventory Management Software

Having an all-around Inventory Management Software is a basic segment for keeping preschools, Pre-K and Childcare/ Day-care centres focused on running day-to-day activities easily. Institutions that fundamentally serves children should keep stock (toys) with the explicit needs of the age amass at the top of the priority list.

EduSys Unified Preschool Inventory Management System takes into consideration both management and kids, and intelligently handles inventory in the institution. Spare financial plan in a more productive method while dealing with expenses

Features of EduSys Preschool Inventory Management System

  1. Effectively manage products/ toys entering and leaving the institution
  2. Centralised Storage: Manage and track orders and products in the institution
  3. East-to-Use: Requires no prior training
  4. Customizable: The application can be modified according to needs of the institution
  5. Highly Secure and Reliable
  6. Cloud-based: Store data of everything forever
  7. Cost-Efficient and Reduces Man-Labour
  8. Digitise bill receipts and payments
  9. Order management: Manage purchases, track and control orders stock levels, and even bill and invoice bought goods
Preschool Inventory Management
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