Immunization Management System

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Immunization Management System

EduSys Immunization Management System helps to store kids’ immunization records up-to-date and submit annual immunization reports. This unified application is designed with an intent to assist both medical and non-medical staff at preschools, day-cares and Pre-K institutions to streamline immunization record keeping and documentation workflow processes.

Features of Immunization Management System

  1. Record and search Immunization history of any students by just sorting
  2. Receive, store, track and manage immunization and health records of children and protect them from serious diseases
  3. Vaccination history can be labelled as active or deactivated and sorted as such while reviewing health of a student
  4. Share reports with kid’s parents/ guardians
  5. Easy-to-Use: Requires no prior training
  6. Highs Secure and Reliable
  7. Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data
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