Pre-k & Childcare School Curriculum Management System

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Pre-k & Childcare School Curriculum Management System

The EduSys Unified Pre-K & Childcare School Curriculum Management Software will encourage a coordinated system in Preschools, Day-care, Pre-K and Childcare institutions to help design an adaptable curriculum and advancement to make more responsive learning for kids.

The Application is a thorough, simple-to-utilize online tool for overseeing educational syllabus plan and conveyance through all phases of the curriculum's lifecycle. Its adaptable design empowers districts to create, modify and pursue any sort of curriculum.

The Cloud-based feature allows instructors to create, review or revise various aspects of curriculum for betterment of children’s learning outcome. With it one can align knowledge, skills, tools or content through various assessment patterns including unit, midterm and model tests, assignments, grades, etc.

Features of EduSys Pre-K & Childcare School Curriculum Management System

  1. Create and analyse curriculum syllabus with compliance to standards
  2. Increase student performance with effective lesson plans
  3. Simple-to-use, user-friendly & cost-effective
  4. Enhance real-time communication and collaboration between teachers and students
  5. Teachers will be able to upload documents, files, videos and images to curriculum maps to improve teaching
  6. Cloud-based syllabus tracking and lesson planning system
  7. Create assignments, examination, tests and assessments using curriculum to help teachers and administrators track and analyse students’ performance
  8. Can be integrated with Timetable, Gradebook and other management modules
  9. Effective task management system
  10. Highly Secure and Reliable
  11. Parent Access: Parents/ Guardians will be able to review their kid(s) curriculum, schedules, timetable details
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