Pre-K & Childcare Multi Branch | Franchise Management System

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Multi Branch | Franchise Management System

Dealing with multiple franchises requires apt method and a lot of precision. In current evaluating times, the best SaaS platform to run preschools is Franchise Management Software. It is designed to help management and teachers operate Pre-K/ Day-care/ Childcare institutions. It is substantially more proficient and productive for a franchisor to hold cheerful and beneficial franchisees than to keep going out and searching for new partners.

EduSys Cloud based Unified Franchise Management System is the best choice for institutions typically searching for an application with negligible refined highlights and modules at reasonable value, to calculating and managing daily needs in their establishments whilst examining the necessary assets which help with those requirements.

Features of EduSys Pre-K & Childcare Multi Branch | Franchise Management System

  1. Centralised Database Management: Organise all the institutions data at a single place
  2. Online Registration: Register students online
  3. Budget/ Expenses Management: Estimate and manage expenses for franchises
  4. Effective Classroom Management System: Design programs and schedules for kids
  5. Simple Fee Management
  6. Branch Management: Check/examine various aspects to ensure proper education, resources and training to kids
  7. Teacher Management: Assign/ Transfer/ Remove teachers
  8. Staff Payroll Management
  9. Parent-Teacher Communication: Enhance interaction between parents and teacher
  10. Regularly track kids’ activities and update parents’ on classroom exercises and programs
  11. Efficient Scheduler: Create and organise activities for kids
  12. Easy-to-Use: Requires no prior training
  13. Mobile Integrate-able
  14. Highly Safe and Secure
  15. Cloud-based: No risk of loss of data
Pre-K & Childcare Multi Branch | Franchise Management System
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