Preschool Alert System - Email, Text, and Voice Messaging

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Preschool Alert System

Preschool Alert Software for Childcare/ Daycare centres, and K-12 schools interfaces the workplace, classrooms, security and authorities to help oversee emergency circumstances effectively.

EduSys Unified Preschool Alert System has made it easy to passing-on information relating climate/ weather issues, emergencies and changes in class schedules, school’s occasions and events. With the application Day-care and K-12 schools and districts acquire straightforward technique to communicate with parents and teachers by using emails, texts, telephonic calls, voice and SMS messaging.

It is essential to guarantee wellbeing, security and productive correspondence for children and staff in Preschools and K-12 schools now more than ever. EduSys Alert System adjusts the complexities of emergency correspondences to rapidly light up the executives, authorities, staff, kids, parents, and visitors of during emergency conditions.

Features of EduSys Preschool Alert System

  1. Efficient Text and Message Alert system for preschools
  2. Emergency Notification System: Inform Everyone at once
  3. Automated Calling System
  4. Custom Alerts: Notify unannounced holidays, events and issues
  5. Notify changes in school Schedules
  6. Easy-to-Use and Customisable
  7. Cost-Efficient and Reliable
  8. Highly Secure and Robust
  9. Lockdown Alert System: Initiate Lockdown procedures in case of emergency
  10. Integrate-able with other modules
  11. Weather Alerts: Automatically send and receive updates on weather that may impact institution’s schedules
Preschool Alert System - Email, Text, and Voice Messaging

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