Childcare Timetable Scheduling Tool

Ideal for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Nursery, Montessori, Daycare, Elementary and Homeschool.

Timetable Scheduling Tool

EduSys Pre-K Timetable Software is an easy-to-use tool fabricated with an intent to upgrade the arrangement of creating timetable for classes whilst granting extra adaptability to teachers. Since creation of timetable for Pre-K and preschool kids could be a monotonous procedure and prone to various changes, the timetable software aims to adjust and simplify these dilemmas.

This automated unified timetable scheduling system empowers Pre-K Schools, Day-care and Childcare centres with the ability to create, modify and distribute an ideal time table for children and teachers, while advising parents and guardians about the schedules via application.

Cloud-based Online EduSys Timetable Management is uniquely designed to provide simple methods to manage timetables and also oversee institution’s plans/substitutions for missing educators.

Features of EduSys Pre-K & Childcare Timetable Scheduling Tool

  1. Substitute Teacher Management: Allocate a substitute teacher to a class in case of an absent teacher
  2. Generate different timetables for different classes seamlessly at once
  3. Easy customization and integration
  4. Easy creation, modification and circulation of schedules
  5. Paperless: Eliminates paper procedures
  6. Time-Saving and Reduces error
  7. Highly Secure and User-Friendly
  8. Curriculum Management
  9. Assign Teachers to Subjects
  10. Promote or Demote Students
  11. Easy Report Generation
  12. Create sections and assign students to them
  13. Evenly allot children to classes
Pre-K & Childcare Timetable Scheduling Tool

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