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Edusys Pre-School ERP

Preschool ERP Software

EduSys Pre-school ERP is a complete childcare management software system, uniquely designed with innovative features to make administrative tasks effortless for early education centers, allowing you to relish engaged with children, parents, and staff.

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The Pre-school software compatible with Android App, iOS, Windows and more

The EduSys Pre-school software is fully responsive and compatible with all OS & browser (Android, iOS, Windows, Ubuntu and more) and devices such as smartphones, iPhone, laptop, etc., as like School ERP, College ERP,Coaching Center ERP, and University ERP.

Pre-School Software compatible in Mobile, Laptop, Tab

Features of Pre-School Management Software (ERP)

Center & Franchise Management

Helps to store all preschool centres & franchise database on centralize cloud system to access it anytime and anywhere, which will improve business productivity and decisions making.

Simplify Enrolment Process

Streamline and make easy child enrolment process with advance online admission module. Manage kid’s profile, family details, emergency contact, and other record.

Parent Engagement & Communication

AI Chatbot for tech-based communication and Parent Portal to keep parents informed and more involved or engaged in their child growth. Embedded child GEO tracking through GPS devices such as Bracelet, band, ID card, etc.

Child Development & Immunization

Tracking of kid’s activity made simple with the help of activity management module. Auto schedule Immunization or Vaccine date and time according to date of birth and send auto reminder to parents.

Billing & Fees Collection

Plan annual budgets, track expenses and bookkeeping or finance ledger. Hassle free solution for collecting fees through online payment and auto generate e-invoice with government tax.

Customize report card & certificate template

Customize and auto generate printable report card, worksheet, ID card, classroom & activity report, calendar, and certificates.

Edusys pre-school Management Software

Pre-school Childcare Management App

The EduSys Pre-school Childcare Management App is available on iOS and Android operating system, supports all smartphone, tablets, phablet, iPad, iPhone and more. Hassle free and easy to use tool design to send bulk notification, engage parents, observe students, collect online tuition fees, GEO Tracking, and more.

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PreSchool Management Software Demo

Watch, the Preschool management software intro demo video which explains basic overview of ERP, what it is, how it works, install and setup. You can also schedule on-demand live demo session in your time.

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What is Preschool Management Software (ERP)?

Preschool Management Software (ERP) or Childcare Software or Daycare Software or Kindergarten Software is an early childhood education centre automation tool kit designed to allow the nursery administrator to manage day-to-day administrative tasks such as kids’ admission, school van/ buses GPS tracking, attendance management, fees collection, classroom activities and assignment creation, publishing results, curriculum, timetable and date scheduling, certificate & report card generation, etc.

Does it ideal for Indian Early Education Centers?

To automate early education centers for staffs, teachers and parents, we have analyse 1509+ daycare / preschool (Kidzee, Euro Kids, Little Elly, Kangaroo etc.) data and build a very user friendly and smooth software to manage all of your administration in most profitable and fortunate way right at your fingertips.

What is the price of Preschool Management Software?

Generally, the cost of Preschool Management Software anywhere between Rs.12 to Rs.50 per student, per month or annually Rs.12,000 and more per year, per branch depending upon the strength of the students and number of branches/ Franchises.

Note: Above pricing is not ours. To Know EduSys Preschool ERP pricing, please contact our team or whatsapp us.

What are the technical specifications of Pre-School ERP software?

Specification Details
Child Information ManagementYes
Teacher & Staff Management Yes
Parent-Teacher Meeting & Event ManagementYes
Attendance ManagementYes, Check in & out
Center & Franchise ManagementYes
Product Catalog ManagementYes
Online Order ManagementYes
Billing & PaymentsYes
Photos, Videos, and Digital Documents ManagementYes
Classroom ManagementYes, Easly manage worksheet, homework etc.
Daily sheets ManagementYes, meals, naps, activities, etc.
Tietable & Class SchedulingYes
GPS TrackingYes
Group Chat CommunicationYes
Emergency AlertsYes
Automatic reminder AlertsYes
Payment RemindersYes
Bulk SMS & Email SoftwareYes
Report card & Certificate generatorYes

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