Coaching Institute Visitor Management

Visitor Management Module

Security and accountability are priorities for all Institutions today. It is important to ensure you are effectively managing the people on your centre in order to fulfil your duty of security. Also It is paramount to know who is in the building, purpose of visiting, where they are and where they are supposed to be. EduSys is concerned about the safety of all students and provides visitor management solutions for colleges to address the associated key issues.

EduSys is positioned to offer a complete solution that will track the visitors in the Institution, our visitor management solutions tailored to education can make a real difference to your Institution reception, helping safeguard pupils and faculty and visitors.

  1. An authentic list of who is on your centre
  2. Dwindle faculty administration time whilst maintaining a high level of security
  3. Improve visitor service – stops long queues in institution reception at busy period
  4. Improved data accuracy – records all the data you need for your Institution’s records
  5. An up-to-date list of visitors which can be accessed quickly in the event of an evacuation
Coaching Institute Visitor Management
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