Coaching Institute Account Management

Account Management Module

It offers hassles free tracking of income and expenditure. Allows you to make entry of partial payments and prominently displays the balance payment due.

The flexibility in the facility set-up options allows you to control and modify your chart of account. No more creating invoices one by one! Both invoices and payments/receipts are created in batches and are reported to the parent portal. Save hours on your finances with one-click invoicing, full revenue reports and automated fund raising. The parents are finding the invoicing, payments overview very useful. it contains all the information they need and is simple to read. This saves so much time.

  1. Eliminate errors and manual calculations!
  2. No later payments and never miss a payment
  3. Record all expenses and income in journal entry
  4. Makes coaching centre billing, invoicing a breeze
  5. Track transactions of due /paid fees for each student or batch
  6. Secure, automated payments process will collect fees on-time and accurately
  7. Save time by automating the administrative tasks that steal hours away from your day
Coaching Institute Account Management
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