Coaching Institute Hr Management

Hr Management Module

Staffs are Institution’s most valuable resources and plays a vital role in running education Institution smoothly. So here is our HR module to assist you to handle faculty issues such as recruitment, training, pay, and medical and safety. The HR management system manage payroll of staff members, and is responsible for deductions, pay rules and salary slips associated with it.

There are enormous tasks and workflows required to keep up with basic needs like attendance, leaves and payroll and benefits. While at the same time, successful strategic planning requires advanced reporting and forecasting tools to ensure your coaching institution has the right human resources to succeed long term. HR management software is a crucial module for any institution, so choosing the right solution is important.

It automates paper-based and administrative tasks with flexible applications, allowing to focus on higher-value activities.

  1. Easy to generate HR reports
  2. Mange complete HR cycle smoothly
  3. Well organised staff data on a click
  4. Manage and track leaves effortlessly
  5. Biometric integration for accurate attendance
  6. Assign, manage and quick view on training details
  7. Increase efficiency with day-to-day functions, including personnel, payroll, and benefits
Coaching Institute Hr Management
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