Coaching Institute Exam Management

Exam Management Module

Module will help management in scheduling and planning their examinations in organised way either for the single or all the batch. All examinations result like class test, quiz, exams etc. will be online.

Faculties can easily create an online exam for student and student is able to perform exam according to their availability.

  1. Exam seat allotment
  2. Enter marks scored in just a click
  3. Brings out a list of eligible students
  4. Records marks entry and result calculation
  5. Take printout of every exam/test report instantly
  6. Can create exam/test, timetable, enter scored marks
  7. Get details of every exam/test, student wise/course wise
  8. Can analyse the performance of every student course wise with colourful graphs
  9. Analyse test-wise and branch-wise performance graphs and generate topper report
  10. Allows you to conduct OOT (Online Objective Test) simply by entering the questions
  11. Allows creating test schedules for a specific course/batch and define the subject and maximum marks
  12. Analyse the number of questions attempted by each student, correct, wrong answers and marks scored
  13. The success of coaching class is characterized as guaranteeing progress for each student
Coaching Institute Exam Management
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