All-in-one Training Management System

The Training Management System (TMS) is an all-in-one comprehensive ERP software solution and typically Web-based platform designed to teach, conduct, and manage digital courses for trainees/ employees online. The flexible interface of the system flawlessly integrate with the LMS and the CRM, providing e-learning benefits and opportunities for not only the educational institutions to train their prospective educators but also for government, private, and public enterprises and academics such as MNCs; Business Industries; Air Force, Navy, Marine, Army and other institutions, to coach candidates.


Features of Training Management System

Trainee Course, ID and Hostel Allotment

The TMS seamlessly integrates with the Course Management System allowing the Coaching and Training institute academies to design, create and allot courses, assignments, projects, tests, examinations, etc., to trainees online. Additionally, the system simplifies ID card generation by allowing the administration to create and distribute IDs in bulk to candidates. It automates hostel management by automating dorm registration and room allocation procedures.

Trainee Portal/ Mobile App

The TMS empowers candidates to utilize the Trainee Portal to track and analyse their progress in courses using mobile app. The System additionally allows users to subscribe to courses, attend tests & exams, interact with trainers, read study materials on LMS, review personal and academic details, track attendance, etc.

Trainee Attendance/ Leave management

Integrating the TMS with Attendance Management System enables educational coaching institutions, which train trainees to become educators as well as the training academics, which coach trainees to become Airhostess/ Navy/ Aviation/ Air force/ Marine/ Army/ other personals, to track and monitor the regularity of the candidates to classes and courses. Moreover, the System enables candidates to request leaves and time-offs.

Trainee Academic Record

Track, document, and record the educational, and academic details of trainees right from the beginning until the end of the course. Store all the data of candidates by digitalising the information into one single centralised system thereby eliminating paper dependency and the risk of data loss. Moreover, easily integrate with the Learning Management System (LMS) to catalogue the students’ assessment results, test evaluations, exam marks, etc.

What is the price of Training Management Software?

The Course Management System is an integral part of Student Management Software. Thus, it comes included with the software, which usually costs Rs.5 to Rs.60 per student per month.

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