Pre-School Transport Management

Ideal for SSC, IAS, IIT, MAT, CAT and more Institutes

Transport Management Module

Manage and revamp entire transportation operation from creating school trip to auto fee calculation upon distance to ensure intact and organized transport of child and staff.

Getting to and from school or day-care can create annoyance for younger children and their parents. First management strives to lessen that apprehension by providing pre-school children with skilled, empathetic drivers and monitors, as well as a intact and safe transportation environment.

Transporting pre-kindergarten children under the age of five not only requires specially equipped vehicles, but also specially trained drivers and monitors. It certainly ensures the parents about the safety of their children as they will be tracked by GPS and they will be updated about the vehicle number, pickup point and arrival time in which they have to travel.

  1. Analytics with graphs and reports
  2. Get free mobile app when you choose EduSys management software
  3. Adults check in any child for whom they are an Authorized Pickup
  4. Send SMS to Individual parent or groups in case on any change in class schedule
  5. Get reports on your smart phone (who is checked in, emergency contacts, etc.)
Pre-School Transport Management
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