Quick ‘n’ Easy way to Manage Grants & Scholarship

EduSys incorporates a Web and Cloud-based online Grant and Scholarship Management Software for all private, public, and government educational institutions operating a school, college, and university establishment(s). The software greatly simplifies and automates processes in the organizations determined to provide financial aid to qualified and scholar students via scholarship grants and loans in different category/ quota. The system empowers the administration to digitize all the application, information, and database management procedures; at the same time allows the applicants to review opportunities and apply for the scholarships online.


Features of Grants & Scholarship Management Software

Collect Application Online

Digitize grant and scholarship management by collecting applications online, and systematically organizing the data in a single centralized cloud-based database system for further evaluation and assessment process. Eliminate paper bound procedures by letting candidates apply and track the status of the scholarship program/ application online.

Multi-ways to Communicate

The software facilitates both the management and the candidates to communicate with each other multi-ways on a simple-to-use CRM platform. The system includes robust tools to automate responses to general inquiries, record all the inquirer details and information, send essential details about the programs via SMS/ Email messages, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Simplified Reviews & Shortlisting Tool

Automatically shortlist worthy and rightful candidates for scholarship grants from a pool of applicants by sorting applications under various aspects such as academic qualification, financial background, and other particulars, before reviewing the candidates. The software reduces the manual work of administrators by arranging the applications in order by considering all the necessary criteria and guidelines.

Advance Report & Certificate Generator

Utilize the report and certificate generator tool in the software to create scholarship and grant documents for students. Moreover, choose from a variety of free customizable template designs to generate any sort of appreciation, achievement, participation, degree, testimonial, etc., a certificate for candidates. Seamlessly, print the certificates in PDF, Word and, other formats in bulk.

What is the price of Grants & Scholarship Management Software?

The Grants & Scholarship Management Software comes included with the Educational Institution Management System. The latter generally price costs around Rs.5 – Rs.70 per student per month depending upon the strength and the service vendor provider.

EduSys Pricing

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