Nursery Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Now parent can collaborate with student growth with the help of Edusys mobile application. Parents have the ability to make a payment, view or edit child records, and access information at any time, from anywhere.

The EduSys’s Payment Portal is a self-service tool for parents. Let parent realise that you give them importance from the very beginning of online admission to payment processing which is simple and accessible at anytime from anywhere.

Attendance Module Features Time tracking accuracy for children improves dramatically with automatic calculation of hours for child tuition, overtime and late pick up

  1. Stay connected with parents.
  2. Easily share daily digital dairy through the app!
  3. Receive alerts on any emergency updates briskly and easily
  4. Enable parents to view their child response in daily activities
  5. Can view academic calendar to know holidays, events, activity etc
  6. Enable parents to pay their tuition and other fees directly through the mobile app or in person with ease
  7. Set up to fast sms for parents about their child’s attendance, immunizations, fee status, birthdays and more!
Nursery Mobile Application

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