Nursery Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management Module

As Enquiry need to be registered and recorded EduSys have designed for the office administration. This module helps in storing and managing all the admission inquiries that have come up with the Institutions and can also know the status of the inquires whether they went fruitful or not.

So with the help of Enquiry management we can manage waiting list by entering the basic information for the child. Children can be placed on a priority list and reports can be generated. Once the child’s enroled status is changed to shortlisted, the information is automatically transferred to the enrollment list.

From your website, parents can submit the waiting list application where the data is automatically entered into EduSys It’s easy and simple!

  1. Manage status and convert into final admission
  2. Handle old enquiries and follow ups
  3. Manage all enquiries based on different types of interest level and details
Nursery Enquiry Management

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