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 EduSys Coaching Center - ERP Coaching Center Management Software in UAE & Gulf 2022

Best Coaching Center Management Software 2022

The EduSys Coaching Center ERP is the complete online Institute Management software or system which can be access from anywhere in the world for online test, fees payment, and more.

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Coaching Center Software compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and more

The EduSys Coaching Center ERP is compatible with all OS & browser Android, iOS, Windows and more and devices such as Smart phones, iPhone, Laptop, etc.

Coaching Center Software compatible in Mobile, Laptop, Tab

Ideal for UAE & Gulf Coaching Institute System

EduSys Team has analyses 2000+ private Coaching Center or government institute such C-DAC, SEED, Vector, Jet king, IIT (Super-30), SSC & IAS, Java, .net, Php and more data from cities of UAE & Gulf such as Hyderabad, Patna, Kota, Delhi, etc., to build this deep-fried cloud based system with smooth interface. So, Student, Teacher and staff can easily track or update the daily activity such as time table, Online Exam, Fees Payment, Admission, Account and more.

Coaching Center ERP software Key Features

Key Features

  • Free Website
  • 30+ Modules
  • 24X7 Supports
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Automatic Data Backups
  • Personalized look & feel
  • Management from Anywhere & At Anytime

And there are lot more features, explore EduSys ERP Brochure

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Administration Made Smart

Enquiry Management

EduSys Coaching Institute Management Software generates complete report such as branch wise, date wise Enquiry Details, Student Information, and Lead Converted in to sale and many more.

Academic Reputation

Coaching centre with strong academic reputations for leading education in the 21st century should have a matching advanced application system, one of the first points of interaction with all students.

Prompt Support

Our dedicated quality support team helps clients at any time through Phone, Emails and Remote sessions to resolve any type of queries. We provide excellent and consistent customer support for every client

Access Control

Access control lets you apply security to your ERP account, either to restrict access to specific user or to control multiple users access. Super admin has control on level of accessibility.

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