Communication & Security

Transportation : Dashboard for the institution administration has been meticulously designed to get to clear details of summary in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner. Enables institutions to precisely log details about each child from the moment of boarding the bus till reaches the drop-point. If the bus driver exceeds the speed limit at any time, the institution admin gets an alert that enables him to take action on driver.
Communication : Behavior can be reinforced at institution and home with better communication. Internal email, chat, SMS provide an important medium of transferring message between institution & home, give instant notification of behavior events. Parent/ institution can securely submit reports or complaints quickly and privately. This tool can be used for filing complaints about any issue related to the institution.
Safety : Everyone is concerned about the increased number of violent acts at institution premises, causing intense fear and anxiety within other students as well as staff members. EduSys system was designed to monitor and handle both child and staff behaviour from the beginning with the help of behaviour tracker. Track disciplinary incidents around the campus by updating sequences
Biometric : Build a consistent attendance tracking system for your institution by adopting the biometric technology. With less hour of work on a daily basis. It helps in automation of attendance of the students/staff and can help in tracking the in and out time, total work hours, lunch breaks and more. Comprehensive Attendance Report & Better Security to Manage Attendance.

Mobile App

Multiple branch management
Complete automation of campus operations
Built in reports along with certificate templates
Spontaneous communication among the management
Integrated with payment gateways for online fee payments
Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management
Customized roster teaching plan
Online subject wise student attendance
Track library transactions & reserve books online
Automated student wise daily homework generation
Updated on campus events through choosen communication mode
Effective interaction with curators
Promptly Notified on fee payment reminders
Reliable update on campus events and holidays
Online homework tracking with reduced paperwork
Timely updated on child's attendance and performance
Few academic books to carry
Efficient student learning with technology
Up to date view on attendance, marks and grades
Online submission of class homework and assignments
Informative view on timetable and examination schedule
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