College Student Management

Student Management Module

From admission to advancement, each and everything need to manage college of any size provide end-to-end online student management system in a streamlined, customized, simplified and engaging student experience. Student can see his entire activity at the institution which is very well grouped and separated into various screens and can anytime send a request to admin for any changes.

Automate financial aid and gain a 360° view of every interaction with each student, to boost enrolment and increase retention and student outcomes.

A comprehensive platform designed to support a range of assessment needs to drive student learning outcome, EduSys is an interactive and highly informative interface for the students to get information related to their academics and extracurricular activities. The assignment management system enables faculties to upload, share, and track assignments.

Assessment gives faculties the tools to increase student growth and prepare students for end-of-year assessments. Use assessments to track student learning, pinpoint areas of weakness or misunderstanding, and adjust instruction accordingly. Students can make online submission of assignments from within the system, while faculties can provide grades, and share the feedback with students and parents. Empower faculties and administrators to implement best practice instructional strategies for targeted, standards-based remediation to drive student growth

College Student Management

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