College Transport Management

Transport Management Module

Manage and revamp entire transportation operation from creating college trip to auto fee calculation upon distance to ensure safe and efficient transport of students and faculty. So Dashboard for the college administration has been meticulously designed to get to clear details of summary in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate manner.

EduSys Transportation module consists of features like Vehicle management, route management, driver log, daily trip readiness etc. It is extremely helpful for the Transportation administrator in assigning transport vehicle to the students to particular route and assigning driver to a particular vehicle.

It certainly ensures the parents about the safety of their children as they will be tracked by GPS and they will be updated about the vehicle number, pickup point and arrival time in which they have to travel.

Maintain the data related to Vehicle-Insurance, expiry, seating capacity, condition, Pollution, Fuel, any damage caused, Odometer reading, Date of Manufacturing etc. to provide smooth transportation With Mobile app, parents can get an information about the pick-up and dropping time of their child on the defined route point

  1. Eliminate errors and manual calculations!
  2. No later payments and never miss a payment
  3. Record all expenses and income in journal entry
  4. Makes coaching centre billing, invoicing a breeze
  5. Track transactions of due /paid fees for each student or batch
  6. Secure, automated payments process will collect fees on-time and accurately
  7. Save time by automating the administrative tasks that steal hours away from your day
College Transport Management

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