College Document Management

Document Management Module

EduSys can help your Institution provide high-quality service while lowering your operation expenses by enabling authorized users to access documents instantly regardless of department or location. Upload any document to student or faculty account, integrated compliance report tracks missing documents, supports college documents, such as faculty meeting minutes, easy to use search tool. Here all the users can share the documents quickly and take necessary actions on time.

  1. Ensure complete document security
  2. Group sharing or individual document sharing
  3. Workflow becomes seamless between physical locations
  4. Reduce paper, paper storage, photocopying, and faxing costs
  5. Real-time key metrics for all critical department functions
  6. Improve information security and document integrity. Regulatory and compliance
  7. Access documents with the click of a mouse to put all related records in one place 
  8. Improve student quality through faster and more accurate application response and approval
  9. Access and manage student and business documentation anytime and from anyplace
  10. Gain secure, centralized access to teacher and student records (including reports and documents from all other existing applications) from any location
College Document Management

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