Real-time Online Student Enquiry Management System

EduSys ERP has designed a unified online Student Enquiry Management System for kindergarten, school, college, university, and coaching institutes to automate and streamline admission lifecycle. It allows administrator to review real time daily performance chart, number of leads and staff activity reports, which will help to analyze and take business decisions.


Student Enquiry Management Software Features

Centralized Enquiry Management

Effortless multi-branch centralized enquiry management system (CEMS) helps to gather enquiry from multiple sources for multiple institutions and start nurturing it to converting to admissions from a single physical location (Headquarter). Since, it’s centralized database so staff can easily access real-time information from different department/location.

Online Forms Management

Easy-to-customize and build personalized responsive an online enquiry or enrollment forms as per your institution niche and integrate it with your existing website to bring student enquires in our centralized ERP system.

Auto SMS/Email/Notifications Integration

Accelerate your growth with EduSys auto reminder tool which integrates with 1000+ SMS Gateway (Msg91, BulkSMS, Twilio, etc.), email service provider (Mailchimp, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and mobile notifications API.

Performance Chart, Reporting & Analysis

EduSys enquiry reporting tool collects information from support, marketing and admission department and provide ed-leaders actionable insights in the form of tables or charts. It allows to download or share easy-to-understand report PDF or word and normalized data spreadsheet (Excel).

What is the price of Enquiry Management Software?

The Enquiry Management Software is an integral part of Student Management Software. So, it comes included with the software, which usually costs $4 to $10 per student per annum.

EduSys Pricing

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A decent Enquiries Management Software has a great deal of effect in the achievement or development of a school, college and university. Any educational institution that reacts rapidly and obligingly to questions and enquiries raised by parents and students, has a higher chance to secures more admissions.

What is a Student Enquiry Management Software?

The Student Enquiry Management Software is a web based application for Ed-Leaders to monitoring the complete flow (Cold calling, Follow-up, Parent visiting schedule, etc.) and control accountability of daily basis inquires.

EduSys is incorporated with a well-built Enquiry Management Software to tracks, manage, detail and respond to all the enquiry requests received via phones, emails, and walk-ins. It helps in bringing every one of the leads gained through all offline and online modes together by organizing the gathered information in efficient way.

Institutions can also manage waiting list by entering the basic information for the student. Student/children can be placed on a priority list and reports can be generated. Once the student’s enrolled status is changed to shortlisted, the information is automatically transferred to the enrollment list.

From your website, parents can submit the waiting list application where the data is automatically entered into EduSys It’s easy and simple!

What are the benefits of Student Enquiry Management System?

The benefits or advantages of EduSys Student Enquiry Management Software are:

  1. Efficiently Manage Enquiries of any sorts
  2. Student Enquiry Management
  3. Track Enquiry from Initiation to completion
  4. Retain Communication Details
  5. Get a quick glance of date-wise enquiries and follow-ups
  6. Search, locate and store enquiry details
  7. Manage enquiry record history
  8. E-Mail, Online and Telephonic Support
  9. Hassle free & high productivity user interface
  10. Auto enquiry reminder/notification alerts
  11. Highly secure: No risk of loss of data
  12. Time-Saving and Reliable
  13. Save time by automatic data transfer to admission
  14. Each enquiry is assigned to respective person based on the purpose
  15. Helps you to take enquiry follow-up and track full contact details
  16. Up-to-date system for tracking past history and future follow-ups
  17. Record all modes of enquiries like online, front office, walk-in, cold call and email in one place
  18. An online form can be made available for the candidates where enquires can be made online directly from the institute website
  19. Manage status and convert into final admission
  20. Handle old enquiries and follow ups
  21. Manage all enquiries based on different types of interest level and details
  22. Prospectus & Document Management