Application Modules

Student and Staff Attendance

Manage and apprehend daily attendance of both student and staff and report through SMS to parents on any changes in students schedule.

Branch Management

Systemize all the branches of an institution consolidated into a single main account and monitor day to day activity in every branch using Visual Dashboard.

Assessment Management

Assign online assessment to students spark Intuitive SMS/Mobile alerts to parents and students apprehend the assessment status and remind the students if not completed.

Report Management

Spawn various reports of students, staff, admissions, library, transport, fee activities etc, which are accessible for better and competent administration of school.

Syllabus Management

Manages syllabus of all classes and create teaching plan offhandedly which allows teachers to post daily coverage of syllabus class and section wise.

Timetable Management

Managing time table is a onerous and challenging task for the school staff as each class requires a unique timetable. So our timetable module helps admin to create...

Fee Management

Schedule fees and spawn automated fee reminders for pending payments with dwindle maintenance.

Library Management

Track all the Library operations, from typecasting of materials to maintaining records of materials issued and overdue, and every Library Inventory item can be identified with a unique QR/Bar code.

Student Management

From admission to advancement, each and everything need to manage school of any size provide end-to-end online student management system in a streamlined, customized, simplified and engaging student experience.

School Transport

Manage and revamp entire transportation operation from creating school trip to auto fee calculation upon distance to ensure safe and efficient transport of students and staff.

Website Management

Unique Guest View Interface based on a concept which could potentially replace institution specific website when opted for. Its objective is to unify diversified school websites under one single platform.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management system allows for both item and vendor management and application vigorously handles purchase of goods across all departments in an Institute.



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